10 Ways to Prevent and Get Rid of Razor Burn Fast

Shaving is by far the most common way to remove unwanted hair, but depending on your hair growth and skin sensitivity, you may encounter side effects such as razor burn. Commonly described as skin irritation, razor burn typically appears to an area after it has been shaved. It shows as a red rash and causes a burning sensation sensitive to the touch.

​What Causes Razor Burn?

Razor burn is often caused by improper shaving technique and poor/worn down shaving supplies. People with sensitive skin are also susceptible and must take greater care when shaving.

Fortunately there are easy ways to prevent this painful and unsightly side effect. I will also share ways to get rid of a razor burn you might already have.

Here are the top 5 ways to prevent razor burn from day spa experts:

1. Shave During A Hot Shower

The steam from the hot shower will help to open your pores. As the blades travel across your skin and encounter hair, the open pores help the hair to move more freely, keeping the surrounding areas from aggravation.

2. Use Coconut Oil

coconut oil dry skin

Razor bumps typically stem from irritated skin which can be prevented with a good lubricant. Organic coconut oil helps the blades to glide more smoothly over the skin, removing the hair, without aggravating the surface layer of skin.

3. Use Fewer Blades

A common marketing practice of razor companies is to continue adding blades while driving home the perception that “more is better.” With shaving, however, it’s recommended you don’t use more than 2-3 blades. Each pass of the blade further shortens the hair, flattening out the end of the follicle, making the area prone to an ingrown hair as a result.

Ninja tip: My Secret Shaving Treat…


Last year I bought this Henry Cavendish Himalaya Shaving Soap for my husband….but now we’re both using it because it is one of the most wonderful things to use on any part of your body and face.

Silky Smooth Legs?

This soap feels very traditional, almost nostalgic. But at the same time it contains coconut oil and shea butter, which makes for a very gentle sensation while shaving. You can find this shaving soap in some health and beauty stores, but it is also available on Amazon here.

4. Shave An Area Only Once

Avoid shaving the same area more than once. While it will appear to give a smoother shave, it leaves the area prone to ingrown hairs by flattening the follicle ends. Multiple passes of the blade along the skin can also cause further aggravation.

5. Shave With The Growth Direction

Shave with the direction of the hair growth to minimize aggravation and help to prevent ingrown hairs. Even hairs that are not fully ingrown can lead to red bumps by not fully exiting the pore.

Bonus Tip: Keep the shaved area moisturized and exfoliate

Keeping your skin moisturized is not only healthier for your skin, but helps to reduce swelling and restores essential vitamins your skin needs to stay hydrated. Also make sure to exfoliate to remove any dead skin cells that would make it difficult for potential ingrown hairs to break through the skin surface. You can prepare your skin a day before with this amazing coconut oil sugar scrub!

DIY Body Scrub


And here are the top 5 ways to get rid of razor burn fast:

1. Apply A Cold Towel To The Affected Area

Perhaps the easiest way for relief, apply a cool towel to the affected area for several minutes at a time. The cool water helps to reduce inflammation, redness, and itchiness.

2. Apply Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar has strong anti-inflammatory properties as well as a mild acidic nature that helps to relief itchiness. Take a small amount of diluted apple cider vinegar and apply to the affected area, washing off the vinegar with cool water after it dries. Repeat this process several times a day until the burning sensation subsides.

3. Apply Aloe Vera

While typically used for sun burns, aloe vera is a great choice for relief. The natural cooling properties help to relieve the pain quickly, while the vitamins and moisturizing properties help to sooth and heal the skin. You can use this method multiple times per day as needed. And when you don’t use it anymore for your skin, look up aloe vera for weight loss here.

4. Take Anti-Inflammatories

Anti-inflammatories help reduce swelling, redness, and pain. You can either take ibuprofen in its standard form, or crush together in water and apply directly to the skin for 10 minutes. Use this procedure twice a day until the area is healed. (note: if you have sensitive skin you should most likely steer clear of the direct application)

5. Use Cucumber

Cucumbers have natural hydrating and anti-inflammatory properties that can help subside razor burn symptoms. To apply, slice cool, fresh cucumber and gently rub the slices on the affected area for 10 minutes. Alternatively, if the area is too aggravated to rub without pain, you can blend the cucumber and apply to the affected skin as a paste for the same interval. Repeat this process twice a day until the skin heals.

Remember to be gentle with these applications and to let the skin breathe naturally. It will take a little time, but proper skin care will vastly shorten the healing process.

Ninja tip #2: Less Effort & Great Result…


What if you don’t need to shave at all? And only need to do a touch-up every month? I recently went for it and started using an epilator for my face and legs. They used to be quite harsh on your skin, but new technology has made this type of hair removal much faster and less painless. The best thing about it, is that hairs become thinner and fewer when you use this type of hair removal. Especially on my legs, I see less and less hair coming back.

Panasonic ES-ED90-P Wet/Dry Epilator and Shaver

The model I use also contains a normal shaver, a trimmer for small area’s and even  extensions for a complete pedicure. It also has a special epilator for more sensitive bikini area’s. Here you can see the different attachments for the epilator function:

Can you use an epilator for sensitive skin?

Like I mentioned, the earlier models used to be pretty brutal on your skin, but nowadays they are designed to follow the contours of your body, use hypo-allergenic blades and gently but swiftly remove even the tiniest hair. In this matter you will be done fast and in one go, so there is no need to go over the same part of your body again. Still, it does help to follow the same guidelines I have mentioned earlier, and treat your skin with some aloe or coconut oil after.

You can also find hair removers now that use lasers for permanent hair removal, but I have never tried those, so not sure how a sensitive skin would react. In any case, you can buy the multifunctional Panasonic Epilator on Amazon.


home remedies for razor burn

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