How To Use Coffee Scrubs For Flawless Skin

The benefits of drinking coffee range from the obvious to the obscure. We all know that coffee helps to wake us up, increases our energy, and makes us happier.

But did you know that coffee also lowers our risk of Type 2 Diabetes, Alzheimers, Dementia, and even some types of cancer?

And the list doesn’t end there.

Next time you drink a cup of coffee in the morning, save your leftover grinds because here’s what coffee scrubs can do for your skin:

Makes your skin brighter and softer

Using a weekly or bi-weekly exfoliant is a necessary step in any skincare routine, and by using coffee grinds, you’ll be saving money.

Coffee scrubs are great physical exfoliants, which can make your skin brighter and softer.

Exfoliants, in general, are broken up into two camps:

  • Chemical exfoliants use hydroxy acids, such BHAs and AHAs or retinols to break down dead skin cells.
  • Physical exfoliants are scrubs or tools, like a brush to mechanically scrub away dead skin cells and bacteria, revealing brighter and softer skin.

Coffee is considered a physical exfoliant because it is applied as a scrub. The rough edges of its grind remove dirt and dead skin when massaged onto the face.

Coffee scrubs are simple to make and require just a few ingredients. You may even have all the necessary ingredients right at home.

At the bare minimum, your scrub needs:

  • coffee grounds
  • sugar (preferably brown sugar or small white crystals)
  • salt

Protects your skin

Unsurprisingly, coffee scrubs have become more popular these days because of the positive effects its caffeine content gives our skin. Its antioxidant properties, in particular, help guard against skin cancer by fighting free radicals.

Reduces Puffiness and Dark Circles Around Your Eyes

Even the best cup of coffee won’t take away all the symptoms of a bad night’s sleep. But this doesn’t mean you can’t hide the evidence of sleeping late.

By applying coffee grounds directly underneath your eyes, you can minimize puffiness and even dark circles.

The caffeine works by constricting the blood vessels underneath your eyes, thus reducing puffiness. Coffee is also considered a diuretic which simply means it can make you urinate more.

The more water that leaves your body means lesser swelling and puffiness.

For optimum results, you’ll need to leave your coffee in the freezer or refrigerator for a while. This procedure doesn’t involve extra ingredients, but it does need extra time to cool the grinds.

Here’s how you can use coffee to remedy puffy eyes:

  1. Remove and drain coffee grounds from coffee or coffee maker.
  2. Place in the refrigerator or freezer. You need to get the grounds chilled, but not completely frozen.
  3. When the grounds are chilled, apply them directly underneath the eye. Do this over a sink to avoid spillage- and there will be some!
  4. Let sit for about 15 minutes.
  5. Wash off with water and make sure to pat dry your skin.

While this mask can reduce swelling and puffiness, the effects are still temporary. Safe to say that nothing can beat a good night’s sleep.

Temporarily Reduces Cellulite

The key word in this is, again, “temporarily”. Just like the coffee mask that reduces under eye puffiness and dark circles, a coffee scrub’s effects on cellulite are not long term.

But it does work. Er, it temporarily works.

So, if you are going on a last minute trip to the beach, this is the perfect way to instantly transform your skin for the day.

Hop in the shower and lightly scrub un-brewed coffee grounds on the areas you want to smooth out and voila! Your skin will be tighter and firmer by the time you dry off.

It’s not actually the coffee doing the work here, but the caffeine that stimulates blood flow in the area. The increased blood flow results in firmer and tighter skin.

Making the Best Coffee Scrub

You already know what coffee scrubs can do for your skin- combat dull skin, dark circles, and cellulite all from your morning cup of coffee.

But if you want to take it up a notch and make a more effective coffee scrub, pick up these extra items the next time you are at the grocery store for less than 10 dollars:

  1. Coffee with more caffeine.

More caffeine means more blood stimulation and longer lasting effects.

This will further reduce puffiness in your eyes and give you longer time on the beach with cellulite-free thighs!

  1. Brown sugar or white sugar with small crystals.

If you are using coarse square-cut sugar, you run the risk of creating microtears in your face. This could lead to inflammation and infection.

Instead, you should opt for brown sugar because its crystals are generally smaller and safer to use on the face.

  1. A bath brush with soft bristles.

Before applying your coffee scrub on your body, you can rub a bath brush carefully on your dry skin first to stimulate blood flow.


If you are a coffee-lover and interested in do-it-yourself skincare, trying out a coffee scrub is a must. Even if you don’t drink coffee, you should still try this great-smelling alternative to smelly chemical exfoliants and harsh scrubs.

The key thing is to choose your sugar wisely: no big pieces or jagged edges. Stick to brown sugar or small white sugar crystals and your skin should be happy.


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