10 great ideas for using leftover coffee grounds

If you’re a big coffee drinker like me, chances are you produce a lot of coffee grounds each week. I use a french press so I’m often left with a clump of grounds at the bottom of my glass carafe that aren’t easily disposable like grounds in a filter. Here are 10 great ideas for using leftover coffee grounds in your home – try them out!

Cellulite Remedy

Combine coconut oil and fresh coffee grounds until you have a smooth mixture. Scrub your body with the coffee-coconut oil mix, or leave it on your skin with cellophane wrapped around for 45 minutes. Repeat this every day, and your skin will become smoother and tighter!

Pest Repellent

Coffee grounds sprinkled around your plants or gardens can repel disruptive crawlers like including snails, slugs, and ants. If mice are your main problem, check out my tutorial on using peppermint oil for mice.


If you’re growing any acid-loving plants, then coffee grounds are a great way to fertilize your garden. Coffee grounds are rich in nitrogen and potassium, which are essential ingredients in the fertilizer formula. Add them to a premade fertilizer or add materials with phosphorous and calcium (like lime or wood ash) to complete the recipe and make your own fertilizer.

Change the color of your plants

Some plants that flower like hydrangeas change color based on the PH level (level of acidity) in the soil. If you add your coffee grounds to the soil it can add some bright new color to your garden.

Grow your own mushrooms

Using just mushroom spores and coffee grounds you can grow your own mushrooms from the comfort of your home. Here’s a great guide I found on how to do it.

Start a worm farm

Worms are great for your garden, adding coffee grounds to your soil will attract them. Another bonus would be if you need worms for live bait – add the grounds to a patch of soil and harvest the attracted worms.

Cat repellent

Coffee grounds and orange peels are said to stop the neighbour’s pesky cat from trouncing through your garden and yard – try it out! Place the grounds and peels anywhere you don’t want the cat walking.

Use it as an abrasive

Coffee grounds are great for removing debris from counter tops, pots, and pans. It’s strong enough to break up the dirt and debris but not abrasive enough to cause damage. Be careful when using this method on any surfaces with deep crevices as you don’t want to leave any stains!

Odor absorption

Use coffee grounds like baking soda in the fridge to absorb foul odors. As a bonus tip, after chopping up garlic, wash your hands with coffee grounds as they’ll not only clean your hands but also absorb the strong garlic scent.

Use it as a dye

The brown stain on your shirt isn’t always desired, but staining eggs for easter, giving wood an antique look, or covering up scratches and scrapes on furniture are all great uses of coffee grounds as a brown/yellow dye.

how to use coffee grounds

I hope you enjoyed this list and can find some new found uses for your leftover grounds. If you’ve used your grounds in any other cool or unique ways – please share them below!

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