Moth Ball Technique: Remove Mice From Your Home

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Getting rid of mice can be great for your household. But similar with ants, the best solution is to prevent them from entering your house in the first place. After they have entered into your home it can be close to impossible to remove them. It’s a battle that you are never sure you’ve won as they can always reemerge.  Using mothballs is a simple technique that can prevent re-entrance into your home.

1. Remove all Food Crumbs From Your House.

The main motivation for mice to come into your home in any case is that they are looking for food. Keeping your home clean is the most effortless approach to keep mice from coming into your home. You should never leave any nourishment on the counter and always wipe your counters down so they are free of morsels. Put any open foods like grain and rice in plastic.

2. Use Peppermint Soaked Cotton Balls

Splash a few cotton balls in peppermint concentrate and spot them in high activity regions around your home. These are non poisonous to pets and people, however mice will keep away from them no matter what. They are ideal for wherever that pets or kids are around, and where you need to keep mice away.

3. Place Moth Balls Around The House

Use moth balls in out of the way areas where they will not be bothered by children or pets. They are toxic and should not be used anywhere that children and pets play. Moth balls are great to place in empty basements or attics.

4.  Plug up All Holes Around Your Home

Stroll around the outside of your home and try to find any noticeable gaps. In the event that you discover any, close up the openings. The less passages the mice have into your home, the less risk of them visiting. Mice can fit through little spaces, some even as little as a dime, so be thorough about blocking up gaps.

These are the most ideal approaches to keep mice from entering your home. Keep in mind that mice imitate their fellow mice rapidly so when you see a mouse, make sure to act quickly. In the event that they do wind up getting into your home, the mothballs and peppermint doused cotton balls will work effectively to get them out the entry way. And keep up the cleanliness of your home (I know, impossible when you have kids).

What are your experiences with mice remedies? Share them below!

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