50 Top Home Remedies Blogs for 2015

The People’s Pharmacy:

Joe and Terry Graedon really know their stuff. If you are looking for a huge resource for natural home remedies, and seriously researched evaluations of traditional and alternative health methods, do visit their site. They offer you a great balanced perspective on all available solutions for any health problem you might experience. Here’s a great article about stopping hiccups naturally, be sure to watch their cute video, demonstrating different anti-hiccup methods!

Hiccup Home Remedies


Living Awareness:

Sweet Kami is a herbal remedy queen, and shares tons of practical information on how to use herbs to cure any ailment, for instance ginger, cinnamon and sage against a common cold. She also gives many uses of herbs for other aspects in your life. I especially liked her guide to using lavender for house cleaning. You can see Kami in action here:


Home Remedies Blogger:

Written by L. Bee, this blog covers “homemade recipes and homemade remedies for hair and skin”. L. Bee has recipes that use ingredients that are found in most homes and are easy to get. Check out the home remedy to minimize pores and acne. Want naturally shiny hair? Try this recipe.

 home remedi blogger


Nature’s Nurture Blog:

Sarah from Nature’s Nurture loves everything natural, simple and homemade, and it’s a joy to follow her on her family’s journey to a self-sustaining eco-friendly lifestyle. This involves a rich collection of DIY solutions for many aspects of home life, including these natural bee sting remedies.

natural bee sting remedy


Alternative Healing Academy Blog:

This blog covers topics including aromatherapy, reflexology, essential oils and more. Check them out on Facebook.


Easy Ayurveda:

Dr Janardhana V Hebbar B.A.M.S., MD (Ayu), PGDPSM, an Indian Ayurvedic doctor and a professional Ayurveda, health and lifestyle blogger. Here is a home remedy for asthma and hiccups. And another for frequent urination. Dr. Hebbar is also on Facebook.



Girl Meets Nourishment:

Katie Peters at Girl Meets Nourishment blogs about healthy and tasty living. Learn her 30 homemade, natural cold and flu remedies. Look here for simple, flawless, and natural skin care.

Like Katie on Facebook.



Home Remedies 4 Mom:

Christina at Home Remedies 4 Mom, is a health coach and investigative researcher of health conditions. Read her findings on flax seed oil, and natural ways to fight alcoholism and liver disease. You can also follow her on Facebook.


Wellness and Home Remedies Blog:

At the wellness and home remedies blog you will find home remedies for toothaches, and ways to keep the brain agile in old age. There is also a Facebook page to follow.


Natural Remedy Site:

Caitlin MacKenna will show you 10 ways to naturally treat gingivitis, as well as 10 ways to get rid of pimples. Follow Caitlin on Twitter.



More than Mundane:

Krissa from MoreThanMundane.com shares all her knowledge in home remedies for health and home. She is also very apt in the application of essential oils for various problems. I enjoyed this post about how to change (and improve) the overall mood at home. I’m sure everyone can need a little boost in that area at some point in their life 🙂

essential oils mood


Raw For Beauty:

Sat out in the sun a little to long? Here are 17 natural ways to soothe sunburn. You can also try these 48 foods to give you glowing skin. Follow raw for beauty on Facebook.


Remedy Corner:

At the Remedy Corner you will find home remedies for so many different ailments. Try these remedies for cough and cold, and these for neck muscle pain.


Wellness Mama:

Katie at the Wellness Mama has so many good home remedies. Here are some for soothing a sore nose, and dealing with ear infections. Follow the Katie the Wellness Mama on Facebook.


The Old Farmers Almanac:

The Old Farmers Almanac has been around for a very long time…since 1792! They have some centuries-old remedies for problems that still trouble us today. Try these for bad breath and migraines.


Always Ayurveda:

Dr. Vikram runs his own Ayurveda healing center and website. He has many natural remedies on his blog, including remedies for colitis and arthritis pain.


Best Health Magazine:

At the Best Health Magazine you can find home remedies for ailments such as bug bites and bruises. Follow them on Facebook.


Vintage Amanda:

Amanda teaches you how to create great remedies and beauty products from ingredients you probably already have in your cupboards and garden. She lives in the busy city of London and therefore has a keen eye on what is doable when you don’t live in the country and are limited in your time. On top of that, Amanda has a great sense of humor, and laughter is in most cases an instant remedy for everything 😉 Check out her natural rinse to darken grey hair.

natural darken grey hair


Global Healing Center:

Dr. Group at the Global Healing Center is a world renowned alternative health expert and has on his blog natural remedies for acid reflux and kidney stones, among other things. You can also follow him on Facebook.


Healing From Home Remedies:

Healing From Home Remedies will teach you how to make your own home remedies. There you will find ways to use apple cider vinegar for home remedies as well as how to make therapy tea.



I find Blissplan very practical to use because the blog contains no-fluff to the point home remedies. For instance, check out this quick guide to getting rid of nasal congestion, with this nice infographic:

congested nose


Isha Foundation:

Sadhguru is a yogi, mystic, and visionary humanitarian who works tirelessly towards the physical, mental, and spiritual well being of all. Go to his blog to find 7 natural remedies winter cold and flu. You’ll also find a natural remedy for smooth skin. You can follow Sadhguru and the Isha Foundation on Facebook.


Natural Holistic Health:

Dee at Natural Holistic Health will show you how to heal menstrual cramps naturally. You can also learn how to use essential oils for bloating.


Natural -Home Remedies:

The Natural -Home Remedies blog has remedies for those time when you are feeling down and blue. They also show you how to cure carpal tunnel naturally. This blog also has a presence on Facebook.


The Healthy Moms Blog Magazine:

The Healthy Moms Blog has home remedies for dry cracked skin, and ways to naturally deal with fear and anxiety in children. You can follow them on Facebook.


Vinegar Home Remedies:

Steven Calver at the Vinegar Home Remedies Blog does more than just offer up home remedies, he explains why they work. Let him explain to you how vinegar can help with headaches and heartburn.


Margaret’s Natural Health Blog:

Margaret helps people to take charge of their health. Let her show you how to get your thyroid working naturally, and she’ll also give you natural remedies for arthritis. You can follow Margaret on Facebook.


Jill’s Home Remedies:

Jill not only gives home remedies for health and beauty, such as how to treat a fever, she also has recipes for naturally repelling spiders. Follow Jill on Facebook.


Mary Vance NC

Mary is a certified nutrition consultant, specialized in Holistic Nutrition and Wellness Coaching. She writes great posts about solving physical problems from within, like how to get rid of seasonal allergies with tumeric. She was kind enough to give her expert advice to Every Home Remedy readers on healing toothaches with natural remedies here.

turmeric for allergy

Natural Medicine Box:

The folks at Natural Medicine Box are passionate about health. They have many recipes and ideas for improving your health including natural weight loss remedies and natural remedies for dissolving kidney stones. You can follow them on Facebook.


Annie’s Remedies:

Annie not only gives recipes for home remedies to help with digestion, she also gives her readers a medicinal herb chart. Follow Annie on Facebook.


My Home Remedies:

This blog is a little different in that not just one person contributes, any who has a home remedy can upload it to the site. Check out the remedies there for constipation in infants and dental pain.



Whole New Mom:

This blog is run by a holistic mom who deals with topics from nutrition to cleaning solutions, all natural and easy to do yourself. One of her subjects I find very interesting is adrenal fatigue, which she describes in great detail and offers guides on prevention and remedies.

Adrenal Fatigue Treatment by Whole New Mom


Planet Herbs:

This is not only a blog but a school where they teach you how to gather herbs and put them into good use.  They have 2 blogs, one from Michael and one from Lesley. Join them on facebook!



Natural Papa:

A blog about parenting and fatherhood with lots of tips about home remedies. Its owned by Derek. If you’re a dad you should definitely take a look at his blog! 


Healthy Fellow:

Its all about natural products on healthy fellow. They have lots of good articles like how to exercise your liver and natural adhd alternatives. They backup all their articles with studies.



The Herb Guide:

Everything you need to know about using and growing herbs. Take a look at their articles about herbal remedies and preserving herbs.


Family’s Essential Oils:

Laura started researching the use of essential oils when she was suffering from hard to diagnose health problems. She is very passionate about supporting other mothers (she is a mom of six sons!) who want to take care of themselves and their family in a natural way. She gives tons of tips and resources for free, for example which essential oils to use for eczema. If only I had known earlier!

home remedies for eczema with essential oils

Herb Gardens:

Owned by Amy this is a herbs blog with lots of home remedy tips. You can like her on facebook or follow her on twitter. A link to a great article about where to buy herbs for allergies.



Kitchen Table Medicine:

A blog run by Dr. Nicole Sundene it has really great quality articles like 21 natural remedies about high blood pressure and home natural psoriasis treatments.



My Essential Healing:

Erins blog about Health. It has really good tips like how acupuncture works! Connect with her on twitter.


You Grow Girl:

A blog about gardening. It will help you grow your herbs easily. Like her on Facebook.



Eat Yourself Super:

Dr. Todd Pesek has some great tips about Foods you should eat.  Take a look on 10 ways to cleanse naturally!



Skin Care Recipes and Remedies:

Biljana says a great skin is just a kitchen away! Join her Skin Care Recipes and Remedies group on Facebook or follow her on Twitter.



Diet Blog:

What is a better home remedy than good nutrition? Take a look at this diet blog which really gets into detail about what we eat.



Hanna’s Herb Shop:

Hanna will let you know everything about herbs . Take a look at her Home remedy articles.


Kid World Citizen:

A blog about kids, which has some real home remedy gems like this article.


Khoob Surati:

Remedies for all your concerns in this blog. Take a look you might just find something that you need !



iHealth Blogger:

A health blog written by Dr. Kiran Molli. You can find some useful articles like this one about itchy scalp home remedies.


Barefeet in the Kitchen:

Mary’s Blog is all about recipes. Take a look at her Homemade Cough Remedy article!



Vintage Remedies:

A blog about vintage remedies.  Great recipes for many problems like Body butter for dry winter feet!


Joan Morais Naturals:

So, this site is all about alternatives for store-bought products, by making them yourself with natural ingredients and following Joan’s recipes. The gorgeous pictures alone will make you feel a whole lot better. Got an itchy dry scalp? Make this easy Dandelion Apple Cider Vinegar Hair Rinse.

dandelion hair rinse


Every Day Roots:

Loots of great articles about home remedies in this blog. Here is a great list of DIY health solutions for arthritis and joint pain.



Don’t like to read ? Than you will like this blog that’s all about videos. Thousands of videos about every home remedy you can imagine!


Home Remedies on HowStuffWorks

A huge archive of information about home remedies.


Home Remedies Web: 

Good Health Starts At Home. The Home Remedies Web provides tons of practical information to start your own home apothecary.



Natural News

Home remedies news articles and information. A news style blog about home remedies. You should find everything you are searching for on this website.


So, there you have it! Do you have a go-to site for your DIY Health solutions? Share them in the comments below, I would love to check them out!

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