The role of testosterone for women (and how to get more)

If you suspect you have a low testosterone level, see a physician before you try a remedy or treatment.

Testosterone: for men only?

Did you know that a man with a strong accented jaw line usually has a high level of testosterone? It is a sign of good fertility and a healthy immune system. On the other hand, women seem to be unconsciously attracted to men with a slightly rounded face, which indicates a lower testosterone content, which is associated with a better ability of maintaining a family. But did you know testosterone levels are just as relevant for women? Time to dive a bit deeper into this interesting hormone.

What is it good for?

Testosterone is a natural hormone that is very important for men and women. It is often associated with sex because it increases the libido. Which makes sense, since for men it is produced in the testicles, and for women in the ovaries and in adrenal glands.

Women usually have lower testosterone levels than men. This is an advantage, on the one hand, because this hormone contributes to bulky muscle build-up and, on the other hand, a disadvantage, because the hormone improves fat burning, and inhibits the formation of cellulite. Testosterone also helps you to deal with stress better. It stimulates the heart function and gives you a better mood.


But how does testosterone exactly correspond to estrogen? For women it is very important that the testosterone level is in balance with the estrogen level. Fat cells contain aromatase. This substance causes testosterone to be converted into estrogen. It is a natural and positive process. But if it goes out of control because you have too many fat cells, your hormones get out of balance.


This hormone – in addition to insulin – has a lot of influence on your body shape. Men can even develop breasts because of a lack of testosterone. In order to improve the ratios in your body and increase your testosterone, you must ensure that you do not have any nutrient deficiency at all. Small defects in your diet – sugars, not enough good fats, not enough magnesium, zinc or vitamin D – can cause testosterone deficiency and increase your fat percentage.

Do I need more testosterone? Go see your doctor FIRST.

This is a hard question to answer, as the specific role of testosterone is different for every woman. If you think you might have an hormonal imbalance, always discuss this with your doctor first. Experimenting with home remedies for increasing your testosterone, or even getting hormonal therapy at a special clinic, can be counter-effective or even risky if you don’t get a proper medical diagnosis first.

What can you do to optimize your testosterone level?

1. Make sure you get enough vitamin D

In the summer this is easy, because you can just sit in the sun. Avoid the sun between 11 AM and 15 PM though, and always wear sunscreen. In the winter, you can take vitamin D3 oil.

2. Take enough zinc

Zinc is in meat, vegetables and grains. However, grains also contain phytate, which causes zinc to be absorbed badly. I recommend keeping of the grains for a bit, and use other foods as testosterone sources. But don’t do this for longer than three months. Your body will go on producing the testosterone, so after a while they offer no added value.

3. Get magnesium

Magnesium is especially good for de-stressing your nervous system and regulating your blood sugar. It also ensures that your muscles can tighten well and prevent cramps. Magnesium also helps you sleep better because it pumps your blood more smoothly through your body. That’s important again for your recovery and your testosterone level. Use a magnesium supplement and do this for a period of three months. Magnesium can also be found in the following foods:

  1. Spinach

  2. Chard

  3. Pumpkin seeds

  4. Yogurt or Kefir

  5. Almonds

  6. Black Beans

  7. Avocado

  8. Figs

  9. Dark Chocolate

  10. Banana


4. Sleep like a bear

Especially in the first period of your new healthy lifestyle, it’s important that you go to bed early every night. At the same time if possible. This is good for the release of growth hormone, but it also causes more testosterone release. Insufficient sleep is also associated with insulin resistance and an excessive cortisol level (stress hormone).

5. Avoid sugar and highly processed grain products, such as bread.

These foods have an overly high glycemic index. They will make your blood sugar rise very quickly. Instead, eat high-quality protein of organic meat, chicken and fish, and eat complex carbohydrates.

In vegetables and fruits (except bananas, pumpkins and the like) there are little or no complex carbohydrates, but a lot of sugars. Even in tomato and cucumber. Complex carbohydrates are in beans, grains and tubers. They have long chains of sugars; Therefore they are complex.

Also important in carbohydrates are fibers, which are in vegetables and fruit as well as in beans, whole grains and tubers. Fibers are resistant carbohydrates, that is, you hardly digest them. Gut bacteria do consume them, and therefore, resistant carbohydrates are good for your intestinal flora.

6. Finally, good fats are essential (fish, avocado, raw nuts, organic eggs).

Don’t be afraid of your cholesterol getting too high, because you need cholesterol to make testosterone and other hormones.

All in all, your body – your internal health, but also your appearance – is largely determined by your hormonal system. Insulin and testosterone play a crucial role. All the more important that you know what your diet and hormones do with your body. And if you do have a testosterone level that is too low, there are plenty of options you can explore.

how to balance your hormones? You might have a testosterone level that is too low

Hormones can influence any aspect of your physical and mental health

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