Supergirl Abs Workout – 7 Exercises Your Abs Will Remember for Days

Your abs need a variety of exercise routines to achieve full potential and not just crunches or planks. There are quite a number of other possibilities you can try for your abs in order to look good wearing a bikini, for instance using an ab carver and super targeted exercises.

Pro Tip: Mix up Your Ab Exercises for Better Result and Motivation

Below are 7 moves you can use to meet your six-pack abs in just a couple of week’s time. Combine them with other specialised exercises like my thigh gap exercises, and you’re headed towards your dream body!

FIRST a little motivation, because it makes ALL the difference:

Are you with me?

seriously, you do 🙂

And here we go!

Stability Ball Reverse Leg Lifts

Lie facing up in such a way that your spine is positioned at the center of a qood quality Swiss ball, your feet are planted on the floor, with the knees are bent. Reach over your head using both hands to hold your anchor.

Contract your core muscles while pulling your legs upwards until your feet are perpendicular with your hips. Make a 2-second pause then lower your legs slowly back down up to a few inches near the ground. Do a total of 15 repetitions.

Stir the Pot

This routine focuses on your shoulders, abs, legs and chest. Start with a plank position on the ground. Make sure that your elbows are directly under your shoulders and your weight is balanced on your toes.

Move your pelvis slowly, moving it clockwise like you are drawing a small circle on the ground. Perform 10 circles. Move pelvis counterclockwise 10 times more and repeat.

Ballerina Abs

This is mainly focused on the back, abs, arms and butt. You can do this by lying on the ground face up. Arms should be stretched out to the sides with palms facing down. Next, bring both knees to the right side while keeping your legs slightly apart.

Maintain your right forearm on the ground and while contracting your abs, pull yourself to sitting position. Doing this requires you to reach your left arm across and diagonally upwards. Return slowly to do reps. Repeat routine 10 times, switching sides per repetition.

Putting up more effort needs you to raise your left leg towards the left side while you lift your body.


This exercise targets the abs, arms and thighs. This needs standing with feet wide apart and wider than your shoulder width. Hold a dumbbell on each hand and extend right arm to the side at shoulder level while left arm is stretched upwards. Do this with palms facing forward.

Shift your weight to your left leg and bring your right knee towards your chest while lowering your left elbow up to your right knee. While doing this, drive your right elbow behind you. Return to starting position. You can do 20 repetitions while switching sides.

If you want to double your effort, start with a wider stance (hip width wide). Lunge to the right using your right leg. Your toes should face forward before bringing your right knee to meet your left elbow.

Feel like you can’t do it? Hang in there….just a couple more to go, and remember this:

which abs exercise is the most effective? These are all you need...

Frog Lift

This focuses on the abs, back, and butt. Lie with your face down on the ground, folding hands in front and elbows out. Rest your forehead on your hands. Then, bend your knees to the sides; your shins should be perpendicular to the ground and heels are touching the ground.

Pull your navel in towards your spine, pound legs up (1 – 2 inches) and down, without moving your upper torso. Do some 12 reps. Make it harder by reaching arms outwards in front and lifting your chest off the ground while performing 12 pulses.

Side-Plank Cancan

This exercise targets the abs, shoulders, butt, inner and outer thighs. Start with a side plank position on the ground. Lift hips so that your body balances between your right foot and forearm.

Slide your left foot up with the right calf towards the knee. Extend your left leg upwards, and lower it back to start position. Perform 15 repetitions; alternating sides while repeating the routine. If you want to make it easier, skip the toe tracing and lift leg up and down, maintain leg on a straight position with knee facing forward.

Rocking Raise

This targets abs, butt and arms. Start on the ground with all fours, palms flat under your shoulders with your knees under your hips. Rock forward while you bring your left knee to your left elbow.

Rock back, with legs extended behind you and while lifting it upwards. Perform 30 repetitions, alternating sides as you go.

Ninja tip: A full Abs program by Jillian Michaels


The exercises above will give you all you need to reach your ab goals. However, you might prefer a completely structured program that takes you from A to Z. Fitness goddess Jillian has a 6-week DVD course which guides you step by step to killer abs.

which abs exercise is the most effective? These combined will give you an amazing result

6 weeks – great abs

You can find the flat abs program right here.

Beyond muscles and toning…

If you’re doing all of these…congratulations, you’re a true fitness super hero 🙂 To become truly healthy and fit, make sure to give the same attention to your organs as well. You could for instance follow a simple detox cleanse to stop your belly from bloating. And try and maintain lean, green and clean eating habits to keep you inside and outside glowing with health!

how to lose fat on the waist? These abs exercises will help you get there FAST

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