How To Maintain a Healthy Head of Hair

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If you have a normal growth of hair there are approximately 1000 hairs to each square inch of your scalp, a total crop of 100,000 to 120,000. How can you hang on to that lush crop and keep it healthy and attractive, free from the troubles that detract from its beauty?

You would, if you had any choice in the matter, pick the right sort of ancestors. To a man, a long line of well-thatched ancestors is highly important, as heredity is thought to be the decisive factor in determining whether or not he will be bald in early life. You, as a woman, need have little worry about this point. Heredity to you is important because it determines what color and how thick your hair will be, and whether it will be straight or curly.

You can’t change your ancestry, but you can do a great deal to have healthy hair. You can make the most of what you have. You can help to keep it well nourished, alive, and growing. You can take expert care of it, in order to bring out all its color, sheen, and vigor.

Like every other part of the body, your hair is fed by the bloodstream.

What causes unhealthy hair and hair loss?

You take this natural process for granted. Only when it goes out of kilter and your hair becomes stringy, dry, and lifeless, or when it thins alarmingly, do you wonder what has happened. What causes formerly healthy hair to act this way? Broadly speaking, it is because the nourishment it receives has been diminished in quality or quantity.

A poor diet, lacking in the elements that make for maximum health, slowly starves the hair. An illness, even a brief one, may cause the hair to fall out. An operation, pregnancy, nerves, overwork, any intense mental or physical strain or shock will take its toll.

These effects do not show immediately, often not until months later, and it takes an even longer time for the hair to recover. Hair forms slowly, especially under unfavorable conditions. And if the cells are starved, the follicle simply closes shop and ceases to produce.

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How To Maintain Healthy Hair

What can you do to keep your hair healthy? And if it should lose its vigor, what can you do to restore it? Keep yourself in the best possible shape physically. The hair is so sensitive to any alteration in the blood supply that sometimes the first notice you have of a rundown condition is a change in your hair.

Watch your health

Make a habit of a well-balanced meal. When you are having trouble with your hair, you often ask what vitamins will help it. Actually, the proper balance of food every day is much more important than any single vitamin. But be sure you are getting sufficient Vitamin A, abundant in carrots, apricots, peaches, and other yellow vegetables and fruits, green vegetables, milk, butter, cheese, eggs. Vitamin B-complex, essential for general vitality, also is thought to be important for the color and life of the hair. It is found in liver, kidneys, lean meat, wheat germ, whole-grain cereals, peas, beans, and peanuts.

You can see that the best hair treatment is the internal one that makes good blood and supplies it liberally to the scalp. But outside treatment is beneficial to bring about good results faster.

Does Scalp Massage Work?

Daily scalp massage is excellent to encourage circulation. This is not difficult or complicated; just move the scalp firmly inch by inch, with the pads of the fingers.

Stimulating tonics may be helpful, but use them as an aid to massage. Don’t depend on the tonic alone to do the job.

Keep your scalp free from dandruff. Ordinarily, this can be done by thorough brushing regularly and washing the hair as soon as scales become noticeable. If this does not solve the problem, try rubbing in a special tonic or antiseptic lotion once or twice between shampoos. If the dandruff is stubborn and becomes greasy and clinging, see a skin doctor.

Causes and Treatment of Dry Hair

The growth and character of your hair depend mainly on what happens inside your body. Looks depend largely on the care you give it. For example, dry hair, caused by internal factors, over-processing, or too frequent perms, or unsuitable shampoos; feels harsh, looks strawy, and dull, and is stubborn to arrange. But you can make it behave. A conditioning cream, used after a shampoo, will make it feel silkier, look smoother, and stay in place better. Of course, the effect is temporary, but it is good.

Other Hair Issues

Too oily hair won’t look unpleasantly moist and greasy if you provide it with regular washing, shampooing and care. If it is still hopelessly oily, consult a dermatologist.

Baby-fine hair is a nuisance. If you have this problem, you need an expert cut and a style that requires no pins. Have your hair trimmed regularly; get a good perm as soon as it becomes limp. The timing and judgment of test curls must be just right; for you, there’s very little margin between fuzz and no wave at all.


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