How to get water out of your ear – Safe, Easy & Natural

For many of us, summer means beach, pool, lakes and lots and lots of swimming. With it comes the occasional tickling sensation that there is water inside your ear.

This sensation is caused because water is trapped inside the ear due to its surface tension. So, we need to reduce or weaken that surface tension to be able to get the water out, and that’s the focus of most techniques to get water out of your ear.

In this article I will show you some of techniques on how to get water out of your ear.

Disclaimer: These are techniques that can work for mild cases. If you are unable to remove the water (or any other fluid) or it is causing pain, do not hesitate to visit your doctor. Untreated infections can cause serious problems that impair hearing.


This technique warms the water inside your ear and warm water has a lower surface tension, thus making it easier to get out. The technique is simple:

  1. Pull you ear lobe away to help opening the ear canal
  2. Hold the blow dryer some 10 inches away from your ear
  3. Set the blow dryer to medium (do not burn yourself!!!)
  4. Aim directly at the ear canal for half a minute
  5. See if the water is out, otherwise, repeat at maximum 3 times.


Be cautious to not use excessively hot water that could burn yourself or damage your ear! Even though this technique might seem counterintuitive, like technique #1, the goal is to warm the water inside your hear to reduce its surface tension, making it easier for the fluid to get out.


Mix equal parts of organic apple cider vinegar (antimicrobial) and iso-propyl alcohol (disinfectant) and using a sterile eye-dropper put a few drops into your ear canal. The solution is highly soluble with the water in your ear, reducing its surface tension, while helping to dissolve any wax that could be blocking the canal.


Unlike the previous techniques, this one does not affect the surface tension of water, but it tries to displace the water inside your hear.

  1. Tilt your head so that your ear is parallel to the ground
  2. Press the palm of your hand gently against your ear for a few seconds
  3. Quickly remove your hand. A temporary vacuum will have formed and when you remove it, hopefully the water will have been displaced and exit your ear.

Ninja tip: Prevent water coming in!


If, like me, you suffer often from water inside your ears, give a try to a more definitive solution – ear plugs. I always have a set of ear plugs at hand when going to the beach or to the pool.

Putty Buddies – Ear Plugs for Kids

where to buy ear plugs for swimming? They have great trusted brands on Amazon

Prevent water in the ears of your kids – they love the colors!

These plugs are made of soft silicon in fun colors, are safe and Doctor recommended. You can grab a pair on Amazon here.

Swimming plugs for Adults

For yourself I would opt for plugs that you can use often, and the ones I liked the most were created by Mack, the Soft Flanged Aqua Block Earplugs, which you can get on Amazon as well.

how to prevent water in your ear? wear protection!

Still, when the bathing is not planned and my ear plugs are not at hand, than I will simply be more careful. If I get any water in ear problems, then the techniques described above do the trick for me.


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