6 Reasons Why You Should Totally Get A Salt Lamp

A couple of years ago I met Philip and Jane on a family trip to Italy, and it was refreshing to meet a couple that shared so many interests with each other.  I have asked Jane to share some of her experience and enthiusiasm with you. enjoy! Take it away, Jane 🙂


So what’s the deal with these lamps? I am a skeptic turned evangelist, and here’s why:

Like you, I went through a phase where my Pinterest feed was nothing but salt crystals this, Himalayan salt rock that. And I didn’t get what the fuss was about: how could a lamp be healthy? But one day I saw one in a friend’s house and thought the glow pretty and relaxing, so I got my own.

Well, it wasn’t long before one little orange one turned into a myriad of all colors and sizes. I gift them to everyone now and have developed a solid belief in their health benefits. Now, I’m not a scientist who’s done quantitative experiments with salt lamps but I CAN share with you my rather lengthy experience with them.

Here’s why you should totally get yourself a salt lamp:

Helps with allergies

The first time I got my lamp was also the same time that my nephew came around to visit. He had the worst case of allergies I ever saw but I noticed how his sneezing would subside every time he stayed in our living room where we kept the lamp. I ordered another for his room and quite amazingly, his allergy stayed dormant for the duration of his stay. I think that was the turning point for me.

Since then, we’ve taken to turning up the dimmer switch on our salt lamps when we feel poorly or out of whack.

this doubles as a himalayan salt diffuser and lasts you a long time

Love looking at my himalayan stone

It’s reassuring to know that I’m not the only person who’s happily discovered these. The site where we buy our salt lamps is full of inspiring stories from verified buyers. Most of them are from allergy sufferers, people who have sinus problems and asthma sufferers. But there are other stories too.

One granddaughter recounts how several pink Himalayan salt lamps in the room gave relief to her grandfather with COPD. A girlfriend told the story of her boyfriend who worked in a chemical plant. He would cough and spit for 5-10 minutes upon waking up. This eased too after several days with the lamp. Then there was the lady who worked in a nail salon and a mother whose baby had trouble sleeping at night.

For all of the above stories, the common thread was surprise at how just the turn of a switch appeared to be helping them breathe better. It seems to neutralize any allergen and pollution, and purify the indoor air.

To sum up, you should try a salt lamp if you:

  • wake up feeling stuffy in the morning
  • have sneezing fits
  • have allergies, sinus, or breathing problems
  • work in environments that compromise your respiratory health like nail salons or laboratories

Makes you sleep better

Himalaya Salt can help you sleep better and have more energy

Amazing cleanser and relaxer

Have you heard of blue light? It’s present in sunshine, LED and incandescent lights, and the lights from our gadgets. It’s great for daytime as it wakes us up and makes us more alert.

For night time though, blue light is a scourge. It disrupts our sleep cycles and sleep hormones. A Harvard study made the connection to health problems like diabetes, obesity, heart disease, and several types of cancer.

The same publication tells how even dim light can disrupt our circadian rhythm. “A mere eight lux—a level of brightness exceeded by most table lamps and about twice that of a night light—has an effect, notes Stephen Lockley, a Harvard sleep researcher.”

One alternative to the usual night light or table lamp is a salt lamp. This has a soft and warm glow that can range from orange to red depending on the color of your Himalayan salt rock. The light is similar to the comforting light from a candle or a campfire.

Consider a salty nightlight if you:

  • have difficulties sleeping
  • wake up tired and unrefreshed
  • have interrupted sleep
  • get a headache from regular night lights

Improves air quality

These salt crystal lamps work like natural air purifiers. As long as they are on, a salt lamp will help cleanse the air in the room where it is sitting.

We have pets in the house and since we’ve installed several of the lamps around the house, our visitors tell us we smell less like a crazy cat lady.

A salt lamp is a good idea if you:

  • have pets indoors
  • have a musty or stuffy room
  • want a room to feel “fresher”
  • live in a city where air quality is bad like California or Pittsburgh

Soothes and relaxes

A Himalayan crystal light emits low-level negative ions that are similar to the negative ions from a storm or a waterfall or a beach. I don’t know whether it’s these ions or just the beauty of it, but having a glowing pink light in the room makes me feel happy, calm, and relaxed.

If you are feeling somewhat dull and down, try a salt lamp. There’s no downside!

Looks beautiful in your home

Thing is, these are beautiful. No two are alike in shape and color. They come in amber, pink, red, and even a rare white. It’s Nature showing off her artistry.

And their beauty reaches a whole new level when lit. Having a warmly glowing Himalayan salt rock is a wonderful addition to any room. You can have the raw rock which is the most common form. Or you can have tea lights, plug-ins, or polished orbs that have a very Hogwarts-like effect.

Whichever you get, if you have visitors, it is bound to be a conversation piece.

How to make sure your Himalayan salt crystal lamp works for you:

Now, if you’re buying a salt lamp, I want to set you up for success. Here are some of the things that I learned along the way.

  1. Beware of fakes! There are actually unscrupulous sellers who sell fake lamps. Read this guide to know how to spot fakes.
  2. Buy from reputed sellers. Check out this list if you want to know the best salt lamps available online.

    Ninja tip: Get it right the first time!


    Olivia here for a moment: I had some duds in the beginning, because I went to the first salt light I ran into. But now I know which are true Himalyan lamps and which are fake, so I wanted to share my personal favorite with you. This lamp is the real thing, and has been kept as natural as possible. I believe that the effect of the lamps remains strongest when they have been ‘messed with’ the least. Look at this rugged beauty!

    The real thing

    The real deal

    Real Salt Lamp?

    I love this lamp by Salt Lamp Imports because it is mined by hand in the foothills of the Himalayan Mountains. It is not molded from table salt, and not dyed. In fact, every single lamp is unique in pattern and color, because it is a product of natural rock formation. The only thing that has been modified is some room created for a bulb, wire and wooden base.

    You can get your own unique, good quality lamp on Amazon here.

  3. For you to enjoy the full benefits of your new treasure, it needs to be turned on and warm. If the crystal is not getting warmed up, then negative ions are not released.
  4. Don’t panic if the rock sweats or gets moist. How it works is that it absorbs moisture from the air and it releases negative ions. Too much moisture and you get a puddle. To avoid this, simply keep it turned on and away from too-humid rooms.
  5. Match the size of the room with your lamp. A small and cozy room works best with since it has less space to cover. If your room is too big, get more than one.

Enjoy your new light, may it soothe your night and energize your day 🙂

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