Cinnamon and Honey for Weight Loss! (Quick Recipe for the Ultimate Detox Drink with Botox Effects)

There is a world of options available to you if you are looking for ways to lose weight. In this article you will find tips to weight loss, and a diet is not always necessary in order to shed those extra pounds. Here are some of the best diet and non-diet ways you can get results fast:

Losing weight with a diet

Diets come in many shapes and flavors. Consider losing weight with smoothies. You can also opt for a fast weight loss diet. But nagging hunger pangs in the stomach is an unpleasant side effect. Quick weight loss with diet might also simply be very difficult for many. It is therefore important that if you want to lose weight you create your own healthy weight loss plan.

Weight Loss Coaches

Unlearning habits is always very difficult. Positive input of others is welcome, as this can bring back extra motivation. If you choose guided weight loss, for instance with a dietitian, you have access to immediate support when you need it. To find a nutritionist in your neighborhood, there are many local directories available online.

Low Carb diet

How does a Low Carb Diet Work?

There are "fast" and "slow" carbohydrates, which are measured by the GI, the glycemic index. With this measurement one measures at which speed carbohydrates are digested and become available in your blood as glucose. With a low GI your blood sugar level rises and drops slowly, allowing you to have a 'full' feeling longer. The reverse happens at a high GI. The blood sugar then rises very quickly causing the pancreas to produce much insulin causing the blood sugar to shoot down .. and then you get cravings again very fast!

On a low-carb diet is it wise to opt for the slow complex carbohydrates, or fiber rich products. (nuts, fruits, vegetables, legumes and whole wheat bread). Oatmeal is a good option in this and also provides a wide range of health benefits. Oatmeal is an inexpensive superfood.

Fast carbs are found in soft drinks, beer, cereal, white rice and bread, and should be avoided. With this diet you can just eat as much varied and healthy food as you want.

Lose weight without dieting

Lose weight quickly and naturally may sound like a fantasy, but is possible! You can lose weight simply by drinking green tea, but you can also lose weight with acupuncture. Some women have amazing results with using apple cider vinegar in various ways, for instance as an appetite surpressor, a blood sugar stabilisor or fat burner.

My all time favorite way to slim down is to use a mixture of honey and cinnamon. It’s the ultimate healthy detox drink. And a natural rejuvenator from your pantry! Enjoy 🙂

Honey and Cinnamon Weight Loss and Detox Drink

Important: Use organic ceylon cinnamon (cassia cinnamon is toxic) and organic raw honey or Manuka honey. You can easily buy these ingredients online or in local health stores.

Honey and cinnamon is in many ways effective, and practical to use and available all over the world. For centuries, honey has been used as a wound healer and as a natural antibiotic. As antibiotic resistance and superbugs are increasingly common scientist are busy looking for alternatives, and honey seems to come up again and again. So try my super easy recipe, and enjoy it with your friends 🙂

Do not add anything else to this recipe. No lime, vinegar or lemon. Drink this twice a day on an empty stomach in the morning and at night. Through this drink you will lose weight. This weight loss does stop eventually. This is because the cleansing effect of the cinnamon and honey will have removed all impurities from your body. So while the cinnamon-honey drink will help you lose weight fast, you will have to combine it with other measures like exercise and healthy eating.

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