7 Green Smoothies That Taste Like Heaven

Every now and then, it is a good idea to cleanse your system, for instance by drinking detox water. Even better,  if you want to combine detoxing with losing weight, drinking green smoothies for 7 days is a perfect solution! However, very few of us are capable of pushing through with these smoothies for a full week because of the less than pleasant taste. In fact, green smoothies are notorious for their "ugh" taste.

Fortunately, there are green smoothie recipes in this day and age that do not taste quite as bad. In fact, they taste downright delicious!

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So, are you READY? Here are some amazing healthy recipes that will transform your health and body in just one week. ​Let's GO:

#1 Green Smoothie Newbie

If you are completely brand new to green smoothies, then it is best to start with this one since it is the simplest and you can’t really go wrong with the mix.

What You Need

• Fresh spinach, 2 cups
• Mango, 1 cup
• Banana, 2 cups
• Pineapple, 1 cup
• Water, 2 cups


Put the ingredients one by one starting with the spinach. It is best to make sure that the spinach is completely decimated before you add the fruits for that non lumpy experience. You might also want to freeze the fruits for a cool drink without ruining the flavor.

What Is It For?

The spinach is a power vegetable packed with so many nutrients and vitamins but without the strong taste. That is why it is easy to find a fruit that can overpower the flavor and give you the perfect sweet tasting green smoothie.

#2 Vitamin C Cleanser

Citrus fruits are popular for their cleansing properties – which is why they are perfect for smoothies. If you are getting over a hard day of eating – here is what you should do:

What You Need

Here's is what you need for this smoothie:
• Baby spinach, 2 cups
• orange, 2 large ones
• strawberries, 10 pieces
• banana
• water, optional


Put the spinach in first, then ad just a few ounces of water in order to help the shredding process. Add the strawberries next, followed by banana and finally the strawberries. Add more ice or water, depending on your taste. The orange is the 'sugar' of this smoothie so add more or less, depending on your taste preference.

What Is It For?

This recipe is for those who spent the last few days eating to their heart’s content. If the holidays just ended and you are feeling a few inches thicker along the tummy area, then this is the perfect solution!

#3 Peachy Kale

This one is fairly basic and should give you a different spin to green smoothies. You will notice that the first two recipes make use of spinach but not everyone likes the taste. Kale can be an excellent substitute.

What You Need

Here's is what you need for this smoothie:
• kale, 2 cups
• peaches, 3 cups


Blend the kale first and top it off with peaches. The next step is to add a bit of water in order to make the blending process smoother.

What Is It For?

If you are not really a fan of numerous ingredients but would still want to enjoy a simple smoothie – this is the one for you! Kale is much like the spinach in that it contains a lot of vitamins as well as minerals. The taste can be a little overpowering though so feel free to add stronger tasting fruits to the mix.

#4 Incredible Hulk

If you are looking for a monster smoothie to boost you up for whatever the day throws at you, this is the one for you!

What You Need

Here's is what you need for this smoothie:
• cucumber, 1 whole
• celery, 1 stalk
• baby spinach, 2 cups
• lemon
• mango, 2 cups
• water, 8 ounces


Put small amounts of water in your blender – just enough to make the blending process smooth. Put the spinach and celery first and blend until creamy. Follow up with the cucumber and finally, the fruits.

What Is It For?

This is the ultimate green smoothie if you are looking for that high powered fiber blend. It is perfect for a Saturday morning drink after you have partied the night away with alcohol. Essentially, it is a good way to forget hangovers.

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#5 Just Good Coco-Apple

The familiar combined with a hint of exotic, this is what the coconut apple smoothie tastes like.

What You Need

Here's is what you need for this smoothie:
• coconut water, 8 ounces. I prefer organic coconut water by Naked Juice
• large Fuji apple
• pear
• shaved coconut, 1 tsp
plant-based protein powder, 1 scoop
• baby spinach, 2.5 cups


Use the coconut milk in lieu of water, adding it to the blender and then putting in the plant based protein powder first. Blend it until creamy before adding the spinach and the coconut. Blend both thoroughly before adding the pear and apple. Make sure that the fruits are already cored and diced before adding them in to speed up the smoothie process.

What Is It For?

This is the kind of smoothie you give yourself as a 'reward' for drinking the other smoothies. It is really a great tasting mix compared to other drinks out there.

#6 Non-Green Green Smoothies

If the color of green smoothies is not really making you drool, here is a more appetizing look:

What You Need

Here's is what you need for this smoothie:
• frozen blueberries, 1 cup
• banana
• peach
• baby kale, 2 cups
• lime juice
unsweetened almond milk, 8 ounces


Again, use the almond milk as your water. Add the vegetables first before putting the diced fruits into the mix. The blueberries are best frozen so that they can add coolness to the smoothie.

What Is It For?

The blueberries contain numerous antioxidants, therefore doubling the dose of toxin destroyers in your body!

#7 Romaine Avocado

Simple, basic, and powerful – avocado is known for its many vitamins and minerals.

What You Need

Here's is what you need for this smoothie:
• romaine, 2 cups
• avocado, 3 cups
• water


Same as usual, add the water first and put in the romaine to get that smooth texture. Avocados are best when frozen so you can get a smooth blend of coolness without ruining the taste. Try to water it down as little as possible.

What Is It For?

A taste of something exotic – avocado has more than 20 vitamins and minerals, all of which are efficiently contributed to the body. It is perhaps one of the most ignored fruits today but actually deemed as one of the world’s healthiest foods.

Making an excellent smoothie is more than just finding the right ingredients. For the most part, you will have to find a good blender for green smoothies, capable of chopping and dissecting the fruit and vegetables into teeny tiny juice-pieces. Note that it should be a blender and NOT a juicer because a green smoothie should be packed with fiber for effective detoxification.

Ninja Detox Trick​

If your main goal is to detoxify your body, boost the cleansing effect of these green smoothies with other detoxing habits. For instance, treat yourself to a lymphatic drainage massage, which you can easily do yourself. Just keep it up, and you will soon enough notice wonderful changes!

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