Laura Shares her Most Effective Essential Oils Remedies for a Cold

A while ago I asked wellness bloggers I was following for their favorite cold remedies. Laura from Family Essential Oils delivered such a thorough and great guide, I decided to spotlight it in its own post. I especially loved her story about “Thieves Oil“. I hope you like it as well, and it helps you discover the amazing qualities essential oils possess.

Laura, your cue!


Laura from Family Essential Oils

Tired of the common cold getting you down? Essential oils can be a safe and simple remedy to bolster your immune system and keep you feeling well. Here are three remedies using essential oils that many have found effective.

#1 Clove Oil

When it comes to antioxidants, clove oil rates the strongest among all essential oils. This makes it an obvious choice for those who want to support their immune systems naturally.

Against the common cold, we have found that a little clove oil in water is very effective. Our practice is to add a couple drops of clove oil to 16 ounces of water… then repeat this as you sip the water all day long.

We have found this an especially good approach when one wakes up with a scratchy throat and feels a cold coming on. And it’s so simple to apply!

#2 Thieves Oil Blend

During the Black Death, it is recorded that thieves who plundered the dead for valuables protected themselves by rubbing a concoction of herbs and oils on their bodies.

In keeping with this history, D. Gary Young created a potent blend of essential oils to strengthen natural immunity.

This blend was named “Thieves,” and it contains lemon, cinnamon, clove, eucalyptus radiata, and rosemary essential oils.

I love using this blend to help ward off colds.

When I know I am going to be exposed to illness in public, I rub Thieves on the bottoms of my feet and my chest or put a drop under my tongue. Sometimes I put a little Thieves oil in an essential oil necklace I wear around my neck as well.

If I feel like I’m actually catching a cold, I gargle with a couple of drops of Thieves in a small amount of water, or I apply what’s called the “Thieves Jump Start.”

#3 Steaming with Essential Oils

A common symptom that goes along with colds is congestion in the chest or nasal cavity.

One familiar way to deal with this problem is the practice of steaming. Steaming is done by placing some very hot water in a bowl, covering the head with a towel, and then breathing the steam in deeply for about 10 minutes. This practice can be very effective to loosen up congestion and make it easier to breathe.

And it can be made even more effective when some essential oils are added to the water just before covering the head and breathing in the steam.

The oils I like to use are rosemary and eucalyptus, as well as a couple of blends called RC and Raven. With children, myrtle essential oil may be preferred to anything containing eucalyptus because it is more gentle.

In addition to these remedies, it’s good to know as well that using the oils mentioned above in a diffuser while sleeping can also support the body’s natural defenses.

I should add, too, that I would only apply these remedies using quality therapeutic-grade essential oils. Any other oils used this way may be harmful.

With the right essential oils, your body’s immune system can be equipped to function at its best. And this means you are in a better position to defend yourself and your loved ones against the common cold.

Laura Bostrom is a mom of six and avid user of essential oils. She’s on a mission to help others make their lives easier and more enjoyable with essential oils. Get Laura’s free guide, Four Ways Essential Oils Can Improve Your Quality of Life to learn how these amazing natural substances can bring greater well-being, productivity, and joy to your own life.



Family Essential Oils

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