Carrot Juice Benefits, Dosage & Side Effects

There are a lot of fruits and vegetables out there that can offer you a whole selection of options when it comes to getting your health under control.

That’s great and all, but how do you know which ones are truly the best for you? There’s so much pressure to have the right combination of healthy foods and that it can be easy to get overwhelmed. Allow me to introduce you to the simplistic but important health benefits of carrot juice. It is often seen as such a common veggie,  but it deserves an entire article of its own to prove its power and position as deserving on the list.

Here’s all you should know to unleash some amazing Carrot Power!

The Basics

Firstly, there is are a lot of things to love about carrots even without getting into the specific benefits related to your health. They are rich with all kinds of nutrients, they are easy to grow as a root vegetable, they are easy to juice, and they tend to have a long shelf life when stored properly. This makes them a great additive to your dieting plan. You’ll often see carrots as being integral to just about any and every diet routine out there because they do so much for your body, and they taste great in many different forms.

Benefits of Juicing Carrots

Specifically speaking, carrot juice is a powerful option for your healthy living style that you are trying to get going in the right way. The best carrot juice benefits will come from making sure that you use this powerful vitamin-filled juice option in the right dosages and during the right times of the day to make the most use out of them. Here are some of the many benefits to show you just what we’re talking about:

  • Great for the immune system: Carrots are full of Vitamin A and K as well as manganese and potassium, amongst other vitamins and minerals. These will help you give a little more support and love for your immune system, which will allow you to be less susceptible to illnesses and infections. This is especially great for those that are otherwise compromised.
  • Cleanses the liver: While this should not be used as a detox juice on its own if you are a heavy drinker, the liver can really benefit from carrot juice in the correct amounts each day, or several times a week. It helps get rid of a lot of the toxins so that you can have a great overall liver health and give your body a boost with the general detoxifying benefits.
  • Good for your overall oral health: Little known, carrots are great for keeping your mouth happy, both in terms of your enamel and gums, but also in flushing out bacteria that can build up from daily activities and exposure to all sorts of nasty germs.
  • Helps zip up your metabolism: If you want to lose weight, your metabolism can get a little zip of energy from regular addition of carrot juice to your diet. This makes it a powerful additive to your life for those who want to diet the “right” and healthy way.
  • Great for skin and nails: Carrots have lots of great benefits for your skin’s natural glow and health. It’ll take away dry skin and help give you longer nails and thicker hair, which most of us can’t enjoy otherwise.

Side Effects of Juicing with Carrots

As with all good things, there are some important carrot juice side effects to be aware of that are going to need to be seriously taken into consideration when looking at adding this into your life. The biggest side effect is that it can lead to potentially serious allergic reactions to some people. When enjoyed too frequently or too young in life (such as infants), it can cause a mild to serious allergy, which can cause all sorts of repercussions.

Carrot juice is also high in sugar, due to a high sugar level being in the vegetable itself. If you are looking to make sure that you keep your sugar low, this may not be the best option for every dieting plan. See more on dosage recommendations in the next section. Just like a lot of foods, carrots also come with a high withdrawal rate. If you’ve eaten them everyday for, say, a month, and then stop eating them abruptly, you could suffer from common withdrawal symptoms.

They are also known to interact with a variety of health conditions in those who suffer from them and regularly ingest carrot juice, so before you add this to your diet, you should speak to a medical professional to check for medication or illness interactions.

Carrots Juice Dosage Recommendations

Lastly, how much of this delicious juice should be enjoyed to make sure that all of the benefits are maximized and the side effects minimized? The easy answer is to look at it with the numbers to lead you in the right direction. There tends to be 2-3 carrots in one glass of carrot juice, and you should make sure that – unless told otherwise by a medical professional – that you have no more than one glass of this a day. This should help you make sure that you get the right kind of benefits and nutrients without overloading on the minerals and vitamins, which can cause side effects like listed above, amongst other problems.

As always, any advice from a medical professional on amounts and carrot juice dosage will serve as the guiding factor, and should always be followed as it is specific to you and your health as an individual.

Overall carrot juices and smoothies offer lots of health benefits. But you should remember that good things are good in moderation and can come with dangers when taken in the wrong amounts. Follow the recommendations of this article, and consider all of the great benefits when you are looking at making your health a priority in your life. It may often be neglected in the common articles online, but this should tell you just how powerful carrot juice really is.

Hi, thank you for reading my article about the wonderful benefits of juicing carrots! If you liked my article, and love smoothies, make sure to check out my article on smoothies on Remedy by Nature. Be well, be happy – Ravil.

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