Green Beauty as a Consumer’s Revolution

Why you should choose cosmetics without synthetics

Why is organic makeup better for the environment? Read on

Nowadays, organic beauty products are all the rage and (almost) everyone is hopping on board. Why?

At least that one’s easy to answer – over the past few years, we seem to have gained a consciousness alerting us to love ourselves more, care for ourselves more and do all in our power to keep our health on point.

Minding the type of beauty products we use has long evolved past the brands and is now more focused on the labels. More and more people are sensibly reading the ingredients of the beauty products they are using, deciding to go with the healthiest option possible no matter the cost.

Natural cosmetics are all about bringing health and beauty together through all-natural ingredients. The companies behind these products use organic components in order to be more environmentally responsible, to help you stay healthy and to bring you good quality.

Things are no longer about the packaging the products come in (although we don’t mind the new kind, either); what’s important is the way they are made.

The benefits of organic cosmetics

First of all, you need to understand what going organic implies. Namely, turning to organic products means you will be doing your environment a great favor because all your makeup ingredients will come from eco-friendly sources.

But, that’s not all.

Thanks to the Fairtrade system, everyone involved in the production and consumption benefits from having a safer and healthier alternative to modern cosmetics.

Then again, perhaps the most important aspect of organic products is that you’re doing your share in reducing the use of GMO, pesticides, and herbicides.

In addition, by using less harmful substances, you’re also automatically lowering the risks of developing any kind of skin-related illnesses. In the end, though, you will be feeding your skin all the essential nutrients that will keep it nurtured and beautiful.

Although conventional cosmetics will somewhat help your skin, in the long run – they will do you more harm than good. One of the greatest reasons to switch to organic beauty brands is that they will help you reduce the effects of aging. Who doesn’t want to look younger in the era of “young is the new black”?

The best organic beauty brands

INIKA stands out as one of the leading beauty brands that focuses on using 100% natural ingredients and bringing you the best of everything. The brand offers certified organic and mineral makeup collections with a brilliant line of eco friendly products.

Bite Beauty is a brand meant for makeup lovers, i.e. all the girlies who have a problem keeping their lipstick on. Good news, not only are these lipsticks made from organic ingredients, but they contain food-grade ingredients that will make your lipstick look good and taste even better.

Immunocologie’s skin care program focuses on moisturizing, rejuvenating, and tightening your skin. The secret lies in the fact that the company uses clay as its main ingredient, which is, by the way, an excellent cleanser and exfoliator. Be sure to try both the night and day protection creams.

Being suggestive of its name, The Rahua by Amazon Beauty is dedicated to bringing you the best of what rainforests can offer when it comes to healthy and organic cosmetics. One of the brand’s goals is to emphasize the preservation of rainforests in order for our planet to be safe. Their hair care products are made with utmost care and specific rituals in order to keep the indigenous traditions a part of the process too.

Vapour Beauty is a brand that truly sets the bar high, not only because it offers a great selection of makeup, but also because it uses passive eco-friendly energy sources to power up everything. Every part of the brand’s products is packaged by using recyclable materials that are, at this point, widely available. With such care in mind, it’s really hard not to give them a chance and try out their all-natural makeup.

It’s worth it

We do hope you love yourself enough to let go of your bad habits and turn to what seems to be working in your (and the environment’s) benefit – organic products.

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