4 Tips to Turn Your Healthy Habits into a Business

More and more, people are looking to get healthier. As we become more of a sedentary society with an increasing number of jobs requiring us to sit at computers for long hours, we start to realize that we are not getting enough exercise. We also realize that the snacks we munch on while at our desks are not very good for us and they are adding to our health issues.

You have probably already come to that conclusion. You may work at a desk for 8 or more hours a day, but you have been able to jump-start an exercise program to get the exercise your body needs. You have also watched what you eat and begun a diet regimen to maintain good nutrition.

You can take what you have done and turn it into something more. Your desire to get in shape and eat healthy mirrors thousands — if not millions — of other people. Convert your habits into a business, sharing with others what you have already learned and earning an income that just might be able to get you away from that desk permanently.

Teach a Live Class

If you have the room to teach a small class in your home or in the yard, then consider teaching a class. An exercise routine can be a great thing for the community. Teach others the moves that will get their hearts pumping and the body fat burning away. More than just coaching them on how to perform the exercises, you can support them through the exercises. For people just starting out, they can be intimidated by, or uncomfortable with, the idea of exercise. You somehow convinced them to join your class, now encourage them through it.

Some other things beyond basic exercising you could teach in your home could include some of these:

  • Nutritional meal preparation
  • How to fit exercise into a busy schedule
  • Personal training
  • Other issues that affect health (smoking, lack of sleep, stress, etc.)

Blog About Health

Take your struggles with getting in shape and eating right to the Internet! Write about why you decided to make a change in your life — what spurned you to seek out a new lifestyle. Tell readers about the successes you’ve had but also let them know about your fails. Show the people who want to get physically fit that it is okay to stumble and fall sometimes, but let them know that you got back up and kept going at it.

The more readers of your blog you gain, the more money you can earn from companies advertising on your blog. They want to reach the largest number of a specific demographic as they can and your website may just be the platform they want to use.

Vlog About Health

Along with blogging, you can vlog as well. Record yourself sharing your thoughts or some piece of information you think your audience will want to hear. Demonstrate some of the exercises you do or how you cook meals that keep you healthy and fit. If you become popular enough, you could start your own YouTube channel for your videos

Sell Health Products

You have a couple of options when it comes to selling products online. The first is to start your own e-commerce business. You can sell a variety of health products in your very own store. You can be as selective as you want with these products. You can carry as wide an assortment as possible or you can choose to sell only the products you endorse, the ones that you know do what they claim to do. Be aware of the clientele you are trying to sell to, though. They will really be the ones to determine what they want to buy from you.

Become an Affiliate

The second option for selling online is through an affiliate program. If you are going to start your own blog and earn money from advertisers, then you might as well join an affiliate program as well. Through one of these programs, you can link to the products you discuss in your blog on the manufacturer’s website, if the maker has an online store. You could link to the item on an e-commerce website like Vitamin Shoppe or Amazon. If a sale is made through your link, the company will pay you a percentage of the sale. This could be a good addition to a blogging business.

Note on Health Businesses

Be aware of how you present your information. Sharing your experiences and knowledge with others is great, and turning it into a business will ensure you can do it for a long time. However, you need to make it clear that you are not a medical professional (unless you actually are a licensed medical professional) and that everything you are saying or teaching is from what you have learned. The last thing you want is for someone to claim you taught them something wrong and they were injured because of it. For that reason, consider getting licensed in the fitness field of your choice.

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