Migraines Gone with Natural Skin Care Recipes! – Shared by Steph

I was chatting with my pal Steph about facial creams, and she told me she used to get migraines from commercial beauty and skincare products. I had never heard of this, but when I asked around two friends told me they had the same problem! So I asked Steph to write up a small article about her experiences and share some homemade beauty recipes. If you have regular migraines, I would give these alternatives a try for sure!

Steph Our World Is Beauty.com

I've had headaches and migraines off and on for years, so it doesn't really surprise me when one pops up. When they started popping up only when I wore makeup, however, I started to wonder if something was going on. Turned out, I was on to something...

What Happened?
With all the chemicals in makeup and skin care now, your body can become almost allergic to these compounds and react. Some people react with blotches or hives. My body chose to go with migraines. I guess it had a lot of practice there.

Detoxing my skin
A friend of mine had gone to two different makeup artist schools, and she told me the best thing to do was just detox my skin and start over. So that's what I did. I stopped using commercially-prepared makeup and skincare to see how my body reacted. The change was immediate. My headaches cleared up, and my skin started to feel better. I had never had bad skin, really, but it was already looking better.


Homemade skin care
​Abandoning skin care altogether was not in the plan, so I started researching what I could do to help take care of my skin but not use any heavy chemicals. I came up with a couple of "go to" recipes that I use often:

Honey Mask
This one is super simple, and I use it any time that my skin starts to feel a little dry, or even when I'm having a breakout. Honey has antibiotic and moisturizing properties, so it's fantastic to use on troubled skin. With cold weather coming in and being in and out of the forced heat, this is one recipe I'll be calling on a lot:

Take a teaspoon or so of honey, and warm it very slightly with a hot water bath. To do this, I usually put the honey in a small bowl or glass, and then set it inside another bowl. I pour hot water (not boiling!) into the larger bowl, and then let the water heat the honey for a few seconds. The warm honey feels fantastic and it is a little easier to spread.
I make sure to cover my entire face with a thin layer, and then I go read or do something relaxing for about half an hour. Rinse with warm water and a washcloth, and you're done!

Oil Reducing Tonic
I have combination skin, so some parts are dry, and some are oily. Every now and again, the oily just takes over. One thing that I always hated was the sting I would get from toner. I loved having my skin feel clean, but the sting stung. When I started my experiment of fewer chemical makeup and skin care products, I thought about what I could use for toner.

Witch hazel on its own worked too well, and sometimes left my skin dry. So I started mixing it with water, until I had a ratio of about 1 to 1 with each. Then I add a few drops of lavender essential oil, shake to mix, and apply with a cotton ball. Same clean fresh feeling, no sting!

Lavender is an adaptogen, so it does what your skin needs for it to do. It's also got antibacterial properties, so it's great for getting your skin really clean.​

Hopefully you don't have migraines from your skin care, but trying more natural skincare methods sure can't hurt!​

Natural Skin Care Recipes for Migraines

So are you experimenting with switching from storebought to homemade natural skin care products? What differences have you noticed, and do you find it worth the trouble? Let me know in the comments!

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