Low Carb Bread Facts that You Must Know

When it comes to low-carb foods, the world believes in facts just as much as it does in fallacies. On the other hand, what is not in doubt is that low-carb foods are perfect for any person with a desire to lose weight. In the US, more than 38 percent of the population has been trying to lose weight, thus having to turn to foods such as low-carb bread. Many people do not understand that low-carb bread contains low amounts of carbohydrates, and not that it completely lacks carbs.

Fact 1: Low Carb Bread is Not Refined White Bread

It’s interesting that low carb bread would be the food of choice for somebody who desires to lose weight considering the amount of beating that bread has received in the weight loss industry. This is because more bread companies seem to prefer making refined white bread, which is not good news to somebody intent on losing weight. Refined white bread is full of carbohydrates, which makes you to add rather than lose weight.

Fact 2: Refined White Bread is Not Low Carb Bread

Refined white bread cannot be low-carb bread. This is because of the huge amount of carbohydrates that it contains. On the other hand, the best type of bread that is eligible for inclusion as low carb bread is whole grain bread. As you transform your eating habits and introduce low carb bread into your diet, expect to enjoy a reduction in the risk factors that are associated with diseases such as diabetes and metabolic syndrome.

Fact 3: Low Carb Bread helps in Many Ways

The low carb bread is helpful in many ways as shown below:

a) Great for people in need of diet that limits them from specific carbohydrates thus increasing the chances of success in weight loss

b) Great for people with a desire for changing their overall eating habits

Despite these benefits, it is important for you to consult your doctor first before embarking on eating low carb bread. This is true for patients diagnosed with some health conditions such as cardiovascular diseases or diabetes.

Fact 4: Low Carb Bread must have Fewer Carbohydrates

The 500g bread will not be eligible for listing as low carb bread if it contains more than 120g of carbs. If the amount of carbs can be as low as 100g, the bread would help you to keep your weight in check. Eating bread with the right quantity of carbohydrates would make it much easier and more effective for you to achieve your weight loss goals without having to take drastic steps, but while complimenting this change in diet with exercises and healthy lifestyles.

Fact 5: Low Carb Bread is Essential for Well-Balanced Diet

The makers of low carb bread cannot eliminate carbohydrates. This is because a healthy body needs carbohydrates. No diet would be well balanced in the absence of carbohydrates, hence the importance of restricting yourself to menus that include low carb breads. Vital organs in the body such as kidneys, central nervous system and brain need carbohydrates. It would be wrong to eat such types of bread while continuing to consume generous portions of the following:

  • Rice
  • Pasta
  • Crackers
  • Barley
  • Semolina
  • Polenta
  • Bulgur

Fact 6: Low Carb Bread Does Not Eliminate Healthy Approach to Weight Loss

The fact that you are now eating low card bread does not mean that you forget about the other strategies for losing weight. Daily physical activity is crucial to the success of your weight loss regime. Furthermore, you still have to eat other healthy foods, fruits, legumes and wholegrain meals for the success of the weight loss program. Introducing low-fat dairy products to your diet is also highly advisable.

Fact 7: Your Can Bake Your Own Low Carb Bread

To bake your own low carb bread, buy wheat gluten, oat flour and soy flour. Combine these three critical ingredients. This option would be the best if for some reason you are unable to find good brands in the market. The market is also full of pre-made flour mixes, which you can buy and use to prepare your own low carbohydrate bread. Once you have the ingredients in place, use the traditional machine for baking bread.

Fact 8: Low Carb Bread comes in Various Brands

Currently, the market is replete with different brands of low carb breads. Sara Lee is one of the most popular in the US. Natural Ovens Bakery has also established itself as one of the best manufacturers of these types of bread. Healthy Life Bread continues reminding weight loss lovers interested in adding quality low carb bread to their diets that it has some amazing products for them. Weight Watchers also have their own low carb bread.

Fact 9: Low Carb Bread Diet comes with Risks

Getting through the first week or month of a diet that includes low carb bread can be quite difficult for most people. A bumpy ride is what you should expect after making such a change in terms of your preference where bread is concerned. The hallmark of the first 2-3 days has to be carb withdrawal symptoms. To increase your body’s ability of handling the new regime of low carb diet, you should eat foods rich in fiber and fat.

Similarly, you should also try to go long periods during the day feeling hungry. Eat food within 3 hours of the last mealtime. Look for delicious foods to eat while on this new regimen. However, check that you only eat healthy foods and keep away from anything that would nullify all the effort you have put in to lose weight. Get support from friends and family while making this drastic change. The support could be as small as asking them to only stock such bread at home.

You should not eat low carb bread in solitude. Eating this type of bread should be part of the bigger picture of low carb diet. With such a diet, a phenomenon known as carb crash might occur. Carb crash occurs when the body uses all the glucose reserves that it stored. The fact that the body is yet to be accustomed to a diet of fats and proteins will make the carb crash worse, but only for a short period.

Therefore, you now have all the knowledge required before embarking on a new diet that includes eating low carb bread instead of refined wheat bread especially when trying to lose weight. Eat low carb bread confidently.
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