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The Best Fitness Trackers for Kids – for 2017

0 shares Are tablets bad for kids?How much screen time does your kid get in a day? (Be honest, and don’t guilt trip yourself)Even when you set clear limits, more screen time might sneak in, without you realizing it. Research has shown that kids between 5 and 16 currently spend about 6 hours a day […]


6 Reasons Why You Should Totally Get A Salt Lamp

0 shares A couple of years ago I met Philip and Jane on a family trip to Italy, and it was refreshing to meet a couple that shared so many interests with each other.  I have asked Jane to share some of her experience and enthiusiasm with you. enjoy! Take it away, Jane 🙂So what’s the […]


Which Essential Oil Is Best for Anxiety and Depression?

0 shares Life SUCKS sometimes, right?For some folks (like me!),  overwhelming feelings of depression and anxiety  just don’t go away. And while many turn to medication for relief, there are more all-natural approaches to treat these problems.My personal favorite and highly effective  remedy has been using essential oils, also called Aromatherapy. So I decided to spill the beans, and […]


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