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6 Reasons Why You Should Totally Get A Salt Lamp

0 shares A couple of years ago I met Philip and Jane on a family trip to Italy, and it was refreshing to meet a couple that shared so many interests with each other.  I have asked Jane to share some of her experience and enthiusiasm with you. enjoy! Take it away, Jane 🙂So what’s the […]


Ways to Easily Clean Pots and Pans

0 shares Jokes aside,  it is important to keep your kitchen utensils clean no matter how small the items are. By keeping your worktops, chopping boards, knives, cloths, and pots clean, you would also keep your food safe. Did you know that even kitchen utensils are prone to contamination? The journal Food Microbiology revealed that […]


Give Your Home a Yearly Inspection With These 4 Tasks

205 shares Autumn is the perfect time to give your home a good inspection. The colder months are quickly approaching, and with them comes inclement weather that can cause problems around the home.So, what should you do? By checking a few things out around your home during the Fall months, you can help to make […]


Benefits Of Using A Home Water Softener

A water softener is a filtering device that removes calcium and magnesium in hard water, thus lessening its hardness. The Problem Hard water is a problem for many households because it deposits lime scale in the plumbing fixtures, heating systems, dishwashers etc, resulting in them being clogged up. Some people end up having to spend […]


10 great ideas for using leftover coffee grounds

24 shares If you’re a big coffee drinker like me, chances are you produce a lot of coffee grounds each week. I use a french press so I’m often left with a clump of grounds at the bottom of my glass carafe that aren’t easily disposable like grounds in a filter. Here are 10 great […]


Essential Vacuuming Hacks: Leave Your Carpets Smelling Amazing

A good, clean carpet can make your home feel more inviting and even make it smell better. However, if you carefully read the ingredients and instructions on the back of those commercial carpet cleaners, you might think twice about using them. Some of the chemicals within these products can cause dizziness and even shortness of […]


Top 10 Home Cleaning Hacks – Chemical Free!

0 shares A lot of standard cleaning products you find in the supermarket are full of chemicals, and sometimes you have to wonder if it’s safe to clean your home with such harsh chemicals. Did you know you can keep your home just as clean making your own chemical free cleaning products? Try these chemical […]


How to Repel Spiders – 7 Natural Remedies [infographic]

  It might not be good to kill spiders in the wild—after all, they eat other, more annoying bugs—but you don’t want spiders in your home any more than you want other bugs invading your space. So how do you get rid of these pesky house guests? First, here’s a handy infographic about spider repellents: […]


Moth Ball Technique: Remove Mice From Your Home

Getting rid of mice can be great for your household. But similar with ants, the best solution is to prevent them from entering your house in the first place. After they have entered into your home it can be close to impossible to remove them. It’s a battle that you are never sure you’ve won as […]


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