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The Best Fitness Trackers for Kids – for 2017

0 shares Are tablets bad for kids?How much screen time does your kid get in a day? (Be honest, and don’t guilt trip yourself)Even when you set clear limits, more screen time might sneak in, without you realizing it. Research has shown that kids between 5 and 16 currently spend about 6 hours a day […]


Your Digital Detox Plan: Less Stress, More Focus & More Energy

2 shares What are you looking at right now?Is it the blue sky? The friend that is sitting across from you? Your lunch?You’re looking at a screen, filled with pixels and beaming blue light. Having constant access to knowledge, entertainment and friends-who-are-not-here is wonderful. But having too much screen time has a price.This constant urge […]


Green Beauty as a Consumer’s Revolution

1 shares Why is organic makeup better for the environment? Read onNowadays, organic beauty products are all the rage and (almost) everyone is hopping on board. Why?At least that one’s easy to answer – over the past few years, we seem to have gained a consciousness alerting us to love ourselves more, care for ourselves […]


Carrot Juice Benefits, Dosage & Side Effects

There are a lot of fruits and vegetables out there that can offer you a whole selection of options when it comes to getting your health under control.That’s great and all, but how do you know which ones are truly the best for you? There’s so much pressure to have the right combination of healthy […]


The role of testosterone for women (and how to get more)

1 shares If you suspect you have a low testosterone level, see a physician before you try a remedy or treatment.Testosterone: for men only?Did you know that a man with a strong accented jaw line usually has a high level of testosterone? It is a sign of good fertility and a healthy immune system. On […]


How to Not Mess up Your Feet with the Wrong Shoes

0 shares I have very wide feet and not much ankle. And I love them, beacuse they’re probably the best feet to tread jungles and swamps. But I wish someone had told my mom about real shoe sizes. I always wore very narrow shoes, and now my pinky toes are weirdly squished. My friend Lilly […]


6 Reasons Why You Should Totally Get A Salt Lamp

0 shares A couple of years ago I met Philip and Jane on a family trip to Italy, and it was refreshing to meet a couple that shared so many interests with each other.  I have asked Jane to share some of her experience and enthiusiasm with you. enjoy! Take it away, Jane 🙂So what’s the […]


10 Easy Exercises to Fix your Desk Job Body

0 shares Doing simple exercises at your desk every day can help to burn fat and improve flexibility, and you won’t even have to break a sweat.If you find yourself spending eight hours a day sat at a computer desk, you can’t be surprised if you start to gain weight or feel unhealthy. With 32% […]


Which Essential Oil Is Best for Anxiety and Depression?

0 shares Life SUCKS sometimes, right?For some folks (like me!),  overwhelming feelings of depression and anxiety  just don’t go away. And while many turn to medication for relief, there are more all-natural approaches to treat these problems.My personal favorite and highly effective  remedy has been using essential oils, also called Aromatherapy. So I decided to spill the beans, and […]

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