Tips for Making Delicious and Unforgettable Almond Milk Ice Cream

How to make almond milk ice cream

Are you wondering about the health benefits of consuming ice cream (are there any?) ? If you do, then you should try almond milk ice cream. The popularity of almond milk ice cream is due to several factors. The refreshing texture is one. The versatility of flavors also makes the ice cream a huge favorite for many people. Ice cream made with almond milk will make you fall in love with it again and again.

It’s also popular because you can eat the ice cream as a dessert, use it as an accompaniment to other tasty meals or eat as a snack. Naturally, ice cream tends to be high in fat content. The good news is that ice cream made from almond milk has a good fat content. Instead of using milk from cows to prepare ice creams, use almond milk instead and enjoy the good fat.

How Do You Make Ice Cream from Almonds?

almond milk

To make this type of ice cream, you need to squeeze liquid from the almond seed. You’ll also need various ingredients, which give it varied flavors or tastes:

  • Chocolate
  • Strawberry
  • Vanilla

The aforementioned ingredients will give the ice cream the right amount of flavoring. You will also require the right amount of sugar, honey or algave syrup to add to the ice cream thus giving it the sweet taste that’s common with all types of ice cream. Before using the almond milk, freeze it first. The good news is that you don’t need a different ice cream maker to freeze this liquid. Using the machine that you normally use in making dairy ice cream would suffice.

Great Taste

The ice cream that you get from the almond milk is just as tasty. The only difference is that the ice cream made from almond milk is much healthier, thus good for you in an era when healthy foods are back in vogue around the world. Desserts and snacks don’t have to be unhealthy or junk food anymore. You can now enjoy the great tastes and not worry about adding unhealthy ingredients to your body.

By using an almond milk creamer, your ice cream will retain the creamy as well as the smooth consistency that you desire. If you worry about topics such as how to make ice cream with almond milk, then you need to continue reading to learn more ways doing that. Making ice cream in this manner simply means that it’s possible to prepare ice cream without dairy products and have an amazing experience.

Steps for Making Ice Cream with Almond Milk

Ice Cream Maker

This is the best procedure, and includes the following:

  • Freezing the Almond Milk

You can freeze the milk from the almond seed and add it to an ice cream that you prepared earlier. The mixture would still give you ice cream made with almond milk, but of a much different version. Making this type of ice cream requires proper freezing of the almond milk.

  • Blending Almond Milk

A correct almond milk ice cream recipe, should instruct you to blend the almond milk first. Blending the almond milk is crucial to ensure that your ice cream has a smooth and creamy consistency. Blend the milk with your preferred frozen fruit. You can choose from a selection of frozen strawberries, blackberries or raw bananas. Ensure that everything you want to blend and use in making the ice cream is in place.

The ice cream made from almond milk might not be as rich as the normal dairy-based ice cream regarding taste. However, what should convince you to take it includes the low calories, reduced fat content, and lack of calories. The low-calorie, low-fat, and no-cholesterol attributes make almond milk whipped cream the healthiest alternative for somebody tired of consuming normal ice-cream, which is renowned for great taste yet full of fats, calories, and cholesterol.

Without soaking the almonds in water, you would not have the milk required to make almond milk ice cream. Afterward, you would have to grind the almonds before pressing the fluid out to get what you need. Regardless of your choice of almond milk ice cream recipe, you would then need to mix the milk with sugar in addition to a different sweetener and flavorings to prepare the ice cream.

At times, an appropriate binder such as guar gum or agar powder would be necessary for improving the texture of the ice cream. The binders are vital ingredients in some of the biggest almond milk ice cream brands that are in the market today. Mixing the ingredients together does not signify the end of the process. You still need to freeze the mixture by cooling it. Do not place the mixture in a freezer as it could provide you with something that is not an ice cream.

A continuous stirring of the mixture, while it’s cooling, is advisable, as it remains one of the most effective ways of ensuring that air is trapped therein. Trapping air inside the mixture is advisable in creating a product that is not only frozen, but also lighter and fluffier than what you would normally get from an ordinary ice cream. Afterward, you can then scoop the frozen product into a cone or bowl and eat it immediately lest it melts and becomes something different.

Almond Milk Ice Cream Brands

A list of the leading almond milk ice cream brands would be incomplete if it doesn’t include the following:

  • So Delicious
  • Taste The Dream
  • Tofutti

Regardless of your choice of brand, it’s important to take a look at the list of ingredients on the label to determine whether the selection of ice creams that you made contains almond milk. Some vegan brands also contain a fair amount of almond milk as one of the ingredients, thus making them a good option for somebody in need of healthier types of ice cream. Therefore, the vegan brands that you should be considering include the following:

  • Purely Decadent
  • Tofutti
  • So Delicious
  • Coconut Bliss
  • Soy Dream, Rice Dream, and Almond Dream

What are the Benefits of Consuming Ice Cream made from Almond Milk

Healthy Ice Cream

When you take ice cream made from almond milk continuously, you derive several benefits. The milk is great for the health of your skin. Bone health, as well as heart health, also benefit greatly from the regular consumption of almond milk ice cream. The fact that such a product is free of lactose makes it great for people who struggle with lactose intolerance in any of their preferred meals.

The fact that almond milk contains fewer calories makes the ice cream made using it perfect for any person intent on weight loss diet. The absence of cholesterol makes the ice cream made of almond milk perfect for improving the health of the heart. The presence of proteins in the product also makes it great for the heart. Furthermore, potassium found in almond milk, thus in the ice cream is great at lowering cholesterol levels and alleviating high blood pressure.

The consumption of almond milk ice cream in addition to almond milk coffee creamer will help your bones to be healthy but also strong. You’ll also notice a huge improvement in skin health. Ice cream contains a number of healthy ingredients. Potassium that helps lower blood pressure. Vitamin B makes you more energetic. Calcium strengthens your bones and proteins repair tissues and supports cell growth.

So learning how to make ice cream with almond milk is not only good for your health and that of your child, but will result in a delicious special treat!

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